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F87 M2CS

The BMW M2 - CS is not equipped with a center-armrest as standard and the option list does not mention this item. For the owners of a CS , who are largely on public roads with their car and who also make longer journeys , the lack of a comfortable center-armrest is shortcoming. Track - Days participants can easely remove the center-armrest unit within minutes , if desired.

  • Plug&Play ( Click- system ), without damage !! , in 10 minutes.

  • Length and height coordinates of the center-armrest equal to M2 / M2 competition.

  • Horizontal position of the center-armrest continuously adjustable. Adjustability range ; 6 cm / 2,35 Inch

  • The center-armrest + console is sold as 1 unit ( see pictures )

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EUR 834.00


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