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Harman Kardon Carbon-Fiber

F21 , F22 , F23 , F87 M2,M2 C , M2 CS

The presence of the High-Quality audio brand Harman Kardon adds a lot to the interior level of a BMW.

As an optimization of this , we have developed a beautiful and highly eye-catching "open poried" Harman-Kardon Carbon fiber housing

Insiders and CF product- producers are aware that the manufacture of such a, relatively small, complex shape is a very difficult challenge and certainly if OEM should be the norm.

If a standard audio system is built into your BMW , these loudspeaker units can simply be replaced by our Harmam Kardon units.

Due to the complex structure of the Harman Kardon unit , we deliver this product and as ORIGINAL Harman Kardon. Plug and Play.

The price is per set of two.

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EUR 289.00